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  • Pretend You Like It (Slowly the Ghost, August 1997, 90 minutes, Piz "greatest hits")
  • Pawn (Opulence!, November 1997, 90 minutes, includes Piz song "chocolate dinner")
  • Elderly Landscapes (Wheelchair Full of Old Men, October 1998, 60 minutes, includes Piz songs "death of a pencil" and "larry's park")
  • W.E. Festival '99 compilation (Opulence!, May 1999, 60? minutes, includes Piz song "Purple Marker")
  • Pokey / Marlins split tape (Insane Records, March 2000, 60 minutes, includes Piz song "Florida Marlins of Doom")
  • Greased Powder (mp3.com, November 2000, 60 minutes, the "best" of the Piz)

Piz-Related Releases:

  • Turnoff Point by The Happy Happy Happys (Slowly the Ghost, May 1998, 22 minutes; side project by Reuben Vinal)
  • Puke Ass by Puke Ass (Mr. Salty Publishing, August 1998, 22 minutes; cover art and guest appearances by Reuben Vinal, and a song called "You Drink the Head Pretzel")
  • Piz Tribute: A Tribute to The Piz (Slowly the Ghost, March 1999, 74 minutes; many bands doing covers of Piz songs)
  • eating & drinking by Puke Ass (Mr. Salty Publishing, August 1999, 45 minutes; may feature vocals by jonbobby mcfee)
  • Soggy Pants & Diaper Swing (Slowly the Ghost/Wheelchair Full of Old Men, August 2001, 60 minutes; mail collaboration project album)
  • The Date Fork Seeps The River (Nauscopy, August 2003, 40 minutes; Compilation LP with a composition by Reuben Vinal)
  • The Stupid President Album by the Tucson Mountain Bushwhackers (Slowly the Ghost, June 2004, 23 minutes; A family project)

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