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Circus Maggots - released October 1996 - Reviews

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"Bow down to me, my minions, for i am great, and you are small," proclaimed Reuben Vinal, "guitarer" for The Piz, in the beginning of their latest cassette, CIRCUS MAGGOTS.

CIRCUS MAGGOTS is the only place where one can hear a traditional children's song updated for the 90's ("Five little monkeys jumping on the bed...") and the delicately brutal ballad of "Cornwallis in the Fray."

"Heroine is good to save the day; alcohol is good to heal your wounds, joints are good in your knees and elbows; mushrooms are good on your pizza," sang Robbie Cushman, the "singist" for The Piz. The poignant straight-edge message of "Anti-Drug Song" is brilliant.

Punctuated with humorous bits like "Evil Bob vs. Jerry" and "Paul's Speedy tempo," The Piz's tracks are drawn together by an underlying inside joke that is present throughout the entire album.

"I'm a chess piece--a queen," confided Reuben Vinal.

"Toast" is aggressively harsh, and "Ashleigh" is a dark gothic treat.

You should listen to "Michelle" on The Beatles' RUBBER SOUL, especially if you are in need of extra credit in French class. Reuben cites The Beatles as one of his greatest musical inspirations.

"The breathing thing on 'Girl' is the coolest," Reuben raved about one of his all-time favorite tracks by The Fab Four. He insist that The Piz sound like The Beatles, "but not the way that Oasis sound like Beatles."

- Kat Pukas

More happy anarchy from Tuscon's Insert Piz Here, whose mastermind, Reuben Vinal, at this writing was hunkered down with the books (maybe) at a college in South Dakota. One of the more, uh, experimental Piz efforts, Circus Maggots deconstructs, defames and degrades rock music so thoroughly you may be left wondering how anyone ever took it seriously. (You may also wonder how Reuben has managed to avoid confinement in a mental institution.) As always, The Piz pack a zillion songs onto one overburdened C90, so you know you'll get your money's worth -- especially if they give it to you for free.

- Jim Santo's Demo Universe

a double-album of the "classic" piz release, featuring all the smash hits and 10 bonus tracks like "super bourbon's washing machine," "jizake test 1," and "the quarter blues." you also get lots of spray painted stuff and a color booklet to add to your library.

- Mr. Salty

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