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Officer Bobby / the b-side CDOfficer Bobby/the b-side, our first "single," was released on February 21, 1999. It contains 29 tracks, 27 of which are different versions of the song "officer bobby." World domination is now inevitable.

The Piz at the Northwest Center.On February 26, 1999, the Piz played a short set at the Northwest Center. The first appearance of a tree branch being used as a drumstick. Also the first live rendition of the new Piz classic "Mr. Dead" and old Piz classic "the pigs lizard." The local band Sanguinary played after us and "paid tribute" with an accidental cover of "you die tonight."

The Piz were occasionally played on the internet radio station Love Underground Visionary Revolution, especially during pltoktijtuhtygt with Plate & Dr. Rectangle every Saturday/Sunday at 12:00 a.m. MST.

The Piz "battled" at Sahuaro High School's "battle of the bands" on March 11, 1999. Since the Piz did not win, one must question the validity of the "voting" process.

Piz Tribute CDPiz Tribute: A Tribute to the Piz was released on March 30, 1999. This compilation of bands covering Piz songs from every one of the "real" Piz albums has been eagerly awaited ever since the "transcriptions" page went up with its "invitation" at the bottom. The Piz-> is the only band that the Tucson Weekly didn't write anything (other than "Next up is The Piz.") about in their guide to the 1999 Club Crawl. We played at the "Art Square" on 123 S. Arizona Ave. (the dirt parking lot across the street from Café Quebec, of course) on Saturday, April 17th as part of the "TAMMIES Club Crawl."

The Piz at W.E. Fest.The Piz-> made it down "the Gauntlet" and played at the 1999 W.E. Festival W.E. Fest '99 compilationon Friday, May 28th at the Dixie Grill. The W.E. Festival takes place in Wilmington, North Carolina and has been an annual celebration of Do-It-Yourself spirit since the year 1996. It lasts a week and features over 40 bands and stuff for only $15. Three mysterious fellows played the parts of drummer, bassist, and keyboardist while Reuben played himself on guitar and vocals. Priced at three cents each, Piz tapes were sold rapidly before, during, and slightly after the set. Donning a vest that was custom-made especially for this auspicious occasion, Reuben was not to be thwarted by the short pedal cord and his unanswered call of "keyboard solo!" The Piz song "Purple Marker" also appears on the W.E. Fest 1999 compilation, from Opulence! Records.

Udallpalooza 2 advertisement.The Piz "headlined" jonbobby mcfee and Reuben at Udallpalooza.Udallpalooza 2, which took place at Udall Park on June 26th, 1999. Several technical difficulties tried to interfere but it was generally a good show, featuring the first performance of new songs "Life," "Have a Good Night," "And Thumb," and the classics "Insanity" and "in-line skates." Our east side fans were not disappointed for some reason.

the Piz at Steve's house.The Piz performed at The Abandoned House on July 21st, 1999. Highlights include the Piz blowing out a speaker which was found in the trash, a really long song consisting of one note, and a drunk guy who wanted to hear some "hardcore" and eventually took the microphone and sang the end of "bloody eyelash sauce" with us.

Robbie looking up jonbobby mcfee's skirt at Jon's house.Return to Stupidland CDOn August 13th, 1999, the Piz performed at Jon's house as part of a "promotional event" complete with hors d'oeuvres (including cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches, and freshly-made pizoda). Fans could purchase the new Piz album, Return to Stupidland, Eating and Drinking CDthe new Puke Ass album, Eating and Drinking, and merchandise such as Piz or Mr. Salty t-shirts and official Piz blank slips of paper. Hors D'oeuvres (also known as No Offense) was the opening act at this show. They played about six songs, and they had Robbie sing some of the songs even though he doesn't know them. Then the Piz played for a long time. "Officer Broccoli" was performed.

The Piz at Hacienda del Sol, with elbow antics.The Piz's inevitable Christmas album, Snow PantsSnow Pants CD, was released on December 24th, 1999; and Christmas Eve was also the date of the what-could-be-final Piz show, which was played at the Hacienda del Sol (Chris's house—it was written on his mailbox) for the favor of a writhing, screaming crowd of seven diehard Piz fans. WCW wrestling celebrities Goldberg, Sting, Hollywood Hogan, and Kevin Nash were also in attendance for the historic event--the wrestlers sometimes even provided backing vocals for the Piz (notably on "Hit-o-Rama '99"). A memorable song from the set, which was a quarter of one hundred songs long, must have been "Anti-Drug Song," which was punctuated by specially-choreographed elbow antics. Soon afterward, bassist jonbobby mcfee took a Greyhound bus to Denver, Colorado, Outer Space. Production of a replacement robot began immediately. And hence, the fate of the Piz now hangs in the balance. Will they become the Poz? The Puz? The Pyz? The Pwz? The Pïz? Any other suggestions? Send in your vote today.