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Download midiKeyboard
Resizable piano keyboard to monitor/play midi notes.


  • Fully resizable, with adjustable key width.
  • Adjustable MIDI channel.
  • Can use mouse clicks or qwerty keyboard to play notes (Shift-click to set qwerty octave).
  • Optionally use Y-position of mouse click for velocity.
  • "Toggle" mode - Notes are toggle switches instead of momentary; applies to mouse clicks, midi input, and qwerty input.
  • Middle click or ctrl-click to end all playing notes.
  • Right-click to toggle a key on/off (when Toggle mode is enabled, right-click is momentary instead).
  • Can hide editing controls and show only the keyboard (Alt-click keys to switch views).
  • Can load default settings from "midiKeyboard.fxb" (or "Whatever_you_rename_the_plugin_file_to.fxb")

Undocumented Features:
  • Not listed here.

(Windows VST) (OS X VST - older version)