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The "Ultimate" MIDI chord VST plugin. Maps any note into 0 or more other notes.

  • Keyboard or guitar (generic fretted stringed instrument) view for chord input
  • Basic strumming
  • Input chords by clicking the keyboard display, MIDI Learn, or by typing intervals/note names directly.
  • Chord shapes and keyboard mappings can be saved/loaded as simple text files, displayed in menus on the plugin GUI.
  • Copy/Paste chords to other trigger notes.
  • Supports multichannel chords: each chord note can be output to any combination of MIDI channels.
  • Optional chord name recognition.
  • Applies input velocity to the output chord.
  • Output can be transposed for playing in other keys.
  • Set one chord per MIDI note for 128 different chords (Full mode).
  • Use Octave mode to repeat the same 12 chords in every octave.
  • Global mode transposes one chord across the whole input range.
  • Has 128 internal programs with optional MIDI program change listening.
  • Imports Cubase/Nuendo Chorder .xml presets.
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Download version 1.2.5:
Windows VST
Windows x64 VST